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Moon Calls

Moon Calls is a private & limited Alpha Group. It actually works as a real DAO, it's a self-sustainable & community-driven project where funds (from memberships) are constantly reinvested in the group itself, with the aim to improve the whole service so that the community can benefit from it. Always "community first" & "quality over quantity", this is Moon Calls.

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  • Daily mints calls/analysis
  • Secondary investments calls/analysis
  • Analysis/Research on demand
  • Early projects & WLs research
  • Calendars
  • Info & constant updates
  • And much more...


  • News & Info
  • Trading signals
  • Price trackers
  • Airdrops
  • And much more...

Custom monitors

  • Floor price monitors
  • Activity monitors
  • Twitter monitor
  • And much more...

WL Spots & Groupbuys

    WL Spots for every kind of project & groupbuys with tools, bots and much more...

ACO Service

    You chill & take profit, we cop hyped NFTs for you!


  • VeVe info
  • Random flips
  • Exclusive giveaways
  • Guides & 1:1 support
  • And much more...


Currently we offer two kinds of membership/subscription (choice up to customers):

・Monthly basis renewal ➞ 60€/monthly ➞ Pay 60€ every month

・Bimonthly basis renewal ➞ 100€/bimonthly ➞ Pay 100€ every 2 months

The payment system is safely handled by Hyper Dashboard & Stripe and customers can easily manage subscriptions by themselves from their own dedicated page on the Dashboard.

At the moment the only payment method we can accept is Credit Card (every kind of Credit Card is accepted, also prepaid ones for whoever wants to feel even safer). Payment via Crypto might be added later in the future.

Moon Calls is a private group with a cap set to 100 members! This means that we care of & pay attention to literally every single member we have.

One of our slogans is "quality over quantity": we don't want to be the typical DAO / Alpha Group open to everyone with 500-1000+ members where no importance is given to the single individual. We'd rather keep the group limited & private to offer a top quality service for whoever pays for it!

We provide all our services via Discord. Once purchased a membership you will also automatically (through the Dashboard) get access to our private Discord server.

Currently there are a few ways to join Moon Calls:

・Waiting List form ➞ Fill the form, you'll be contacted by us (via Twitter) if selected

・Recommendation from a member ➞ Members can let in their friends through "recommendation"

・Twitter giveaways ➞ We sometimes give away Renewal Memberships &/OR Free Trials

Of course you can. We are 24/7 available via Twitter, feel free to drop us a direct message and we will reply to your questions asap!